Breast implants may be removed and exchanged for a different one after breast implantation for a variety of reasons. Regardless of whether you are having complications from your breast implants, are looking to exchange them for different implants, or simply want your implants removed after a period of time, Dr. Joshua Cox can help you meet your goals.

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Cox Cosmetic Surgery was founded by Dr. Joshua Cox. He is committed to delivering top-of-the-line care to all his patients. He specifically focuses on safety, patient comfort, and meticulous attention to detail. Cox Cosmetic Surgery wants to help you look and feel like the best you.

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What Is a Breast Implant Exchange?

Many cosmetic patients who have undergone breast implantation in the past choose to remove their breast implants for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, removing or exchanging breast implants isn’t as simple as just removing the implants themselves. Over time, the breast experiences changes due to the implant being in place.

The body recognizes the implant as being something foreign to the body and walls off the implant with a scar called a “capsule.” Most of the time, this scar is thin and pliable. However, sometimes the scar can be thick and cause pain and distortion to the breast. Additionally, breast tissue may deflate over time due to the constant pressure of the breast implant. Therefore, when the breast implant comes out, the patient is often left with less breast tissue than they had prior to the augmentation.

With implant exchange, patients require an incision through their previous augmentation scar. If the implant is intact, it is then removed. If the implant is ruptured, the implant casing and the implant material is completely removed and the tissues thoroughly cleansed. If the scar or capsule is problematic, it is also partially or fully removed with a procedure called a capsulectomy. A breast lift or implant replacement can then be performed depending on the patient’s desires.


Why Consider Breast Implant Exchange?

Patients who have had breast implants placed in the past choose to have implants removed due to a variety of reasons. These include implant deflation, implant malposition, implant visibility or rippling, pain from implants, capsular contracture or scarring around the breast implant, weight gain, back pain or simply because the implants have been in place for a long period of time and the patient would like them removed or exchanged.

Some patients who have had implants for a long period of time have some deflation of their natural breast tissue and some stretching of their overlying breast skin. In this case, you may want a procedure to lift the breast into a more aesthetic position, called a mastopexy or breast lift.

Benefits of Breast Implant Exchange Surgery

If you have had breast implants in place that no longer look or feel good, you may want your implants exchanged or removed. If you no longer want breast implants, Dr. Joshua Cox will discuss different techniques to keep you looking good and feeling confident without implants. Alternatively, he can give you breast implant exchange options that will help you meet your goals.

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Cox Cosmetic Surgery was founded by Dr. Joshua Cox. He is committed to delivering top-of-the-line care to all his patients. He specifically focuses on safety, patient comfort, and meticulous attention to detail. Cox Cosmetic Surgery wants to help you look and feel like the best you.

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Procedures Commonly Performed With Implant Removal or Exchanges

Breast implant removal is often performed along with the exchange of the scar surrounding the implant (capsulectomy), implant replacement, and/or a breast lift (mastopexy).

Patients who have gained weight over time may also benefit from liposuction or a tummy tuck to complete their new look.

What to Expect During Your Consultation at Cox Cosmetic Surgery

If you are interested in breast implant exchange in Dallas, you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Joshua Cox. The initial consultation will likely last an hour or longer, and he will do the following steps:
  • Listen to the specific goals you hope to achieve.
  • Perform a thorough examination, focusing on your individual anatomy. Precise measurements and photographs will be taken.
  • Depending on your goals following implant exchange, Dr. Cox will discuss details of the cosmetic surgical procedures that are offered and which approach is right for you. Details regarding breast scars and techniques will be outlined for you.
  • Give you an opportunity to explore the different breast implant types and try on different size breast implants.
  • Explain the risks and benefits of breast implant exchange or removal.
  • Answer all remaining you have regarding breast implant exchange surgery.
  • Send you home with a packet of information regarding breast implant exchange/removal. This includes a detailed consent form and instructions for before and after your breast implant exchange surgery in Dallas, TX.

What to Expect on the Day of Surgery

You’ll meet Dr. Cox and the rest of the surgical team. Then, they’ll make preoperative markings and perform extensive checks with careful attention to detail, ensuring high-quality care and safety.

Your family will be updated on your status periodically and will be able to talk with Dr. Cox one-on-one after the breast implant exchange procedure is completed.

What to Expect While Recovering From Breast Implant Exchange Or Removal

After your procedure, you will be placed in a special post-surgical bra or wrap. You will have a light dressing covering the incisions. Swelling is typical after surgery. You may shower 24 hours after the procedure. Dr. Cox employs a multimodal pain regimen to decrease or eliminate your need for narcotic pain medication. This allows our cosmetic patients to recover quickly and feel more like themselves soon after their cosmetic surgery procedure.

Most of our patients are ready to go back to work within one or two weeks. Initially, our team will communicate with you daily to ensure proper healing. Most of the swelling begins to subside over the first week or two and typically resolves within four to six weeks. We advise that you refrain from strenuous activity or heavy lifting greater than 10 pounds for four to six weeks during the healing process.

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What’s the Cost of Breast Implant Exchange Or Removal in Dallas?

Breast implant removal surgery cost varies depending on your post-operative goals. Implant replacement, exchange of the breast scar, and adding a lift to the breast implant exchange change the cost of the procedure. Typically, the cosmetic price for breast implant removal with or without these adjunct procedures ranges between $4,000 and $5,000. If breast implant exchange is combined with other procedures, some discounts may apply to the secondary procedure.

*Costs include facility fees, anesthesia fees, surgeon fees, specialized plastic surgery garments, implants, and other required supplies such as the Keller funnel, abdominal boards, binders (if needed), and all postoperative visits.

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